Which diet is the healthiest: omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan?

The majority of people say that omnivorous diet is the healthiest and I always hear a lot of people including my family members saying it. The question is what is the healthiest diet in 2022 according to scientific research and are most of people right? This article will answer this question.

Usually those who are omnivorous say that this is the healthiest diet and those who are vegans say that vegan diet is the healthiest. The question is who is really right?

Each diet has its advantages and disadvantages.
For example, there’s calcium in dairy products and protein, iron in pork and beef. But what about all the baggage that comes along with these nutrients – the saturated fat, cholesterol and other bad nutrients that have a bad impact on our health?

On the other hand there’s also calcium in dark green leafy vegetables. But what kind of baggage do you get along with the calcium in vegetables and other plant-based food? Fiber, antioxidants, folate and other healthy nutrients!
So it looks like by using plant-based diet you get more of a bonus, instead of a baggage like with an omnivorous diet.

And what about the science? What is the healthiest diet in 2022 according to the science?
Scientific research shows that a plant-based diet like a vegan diet is really the healthiest diet [1].
Also it can help you lose weight, prevent and treat diabetes, heart disease, lower your blood pressure and it just allows you live longer and healthier. But we’ll talk about all of it in the next articles.


So, what is the healthiest diet in 2022 according to scientific research? Well, studies show that a plant-based diet like a vegan diet is the healthiest diet at the moment.

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