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4 science-based steps to lose weight fast without exercising, regaining and damaging your health

What will you get from this free PDF Guide:
1. What’s the most effective and healthiest diet to lose weight according to scientific research: omnivorous, keto, vegetarian, vegan.
2. 4 simple science-based steps on how to lose weight without exercising, regaining and damaging your health.
3. Which diet can be one of the healthiest for us based on scientific research.
4. What’s a calorie tracker and do you need it.
5. A quick calorie trackers’ comparison. If you need one then which one to choose and how to set it up.
6. What’s more important for losing weight: diet, exercise or both.
7. How much weight is safe to lose on a monthly basis without damaging your health.


About the author and why you should read this PDF Guide at all

I have been vegan for 5+ years and I’m still alive. =)
Also, I have been doing sports for 7+ years already.

I’m not a medical advisor or doctor but science-based nutrition helped me fix my health and avoid surgery even though my doctors told me I need a surgery to fix my problem and there’s no guarantee of full recovery.

So, that’s why I decided to share my knowledge and experience to help other people improve their health and prevent the most popular diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.

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