Healthy foods that last for a long time without a fridge

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to have foods that can last for a long time without a fridge. For example, maybe you already have a full fridge and there’s no room for more foods but you still want to have some food supply or maybe you just want to make some emergency food supply if something goes wrong.

So, that’s why in this article we’ll find out healthy foods that last for a long time without a fridge.

Healthy foods that last for a long time without a fridge:

1. Legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc.)

Legumes are packed with protein and other nutrients. Lentils are my favorite because they can be cooked fast compared to other legumes and they are also delicious and very healthy.

Legumes can usually last for 1 year or more at room temperature or in the pantry. [1]

2. Nuts and seeds (almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc.)

On average nuts and seeds can last for about 4 months. Some of them such as sunflower seeds can last for about a year and some other nuts and seeds (such as flaxseeds) can last even more. [1]

3. Whole grains (groats, oatmeal, etc.)

Whole grains can usually be stored for years as long as they are kept dry and sealed.

4. Flavorings and Condiments (Herbs and spices, salt, vinegar, etc.)

Almost all of these can last for years unopened. Once opened, most condiments will keep for 1 month (or even 1 year) without refrigeration.

5. Some vegetables (onions, garlic, etc.)

5.1. Onion

Whole, raw onions will last about 1 month in the pantry or at room temperature and about 2 months if refrigerated. [1]

5.2. Garlic

Garlic lasts about 1 month in the pantry. [1]

Some other sources though say that garlic can last about 4 months at room temperature in a dry place.
A whole, unpeeled garlic head can last up to six months. An unpeeled clove that has been separated from the head, meanwhile, will stay good for about three weeks.
Once you peel garlic it will last for about a week. If you chop or mince garlic it will last about 24 hours in the fridge.

6. Sweeteners (maple syrup, etc.)

Most sweeteners can last for years or even indefinitely if unopened. [1]


So, what are healthy foods that last for a long time without refrigeration? Well, some of these foods are legumes, nuts and seeds, whole grains, sweeteners like maple syrup and condiments like vinegar.

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