What is NEAT? How to lose weight with NEAT?

Everybody wants instant results while achieving any goal including weight loss and achieve it as effortlessly as possible, right?

The problem is that usually achieving any significant result while achieving any goal is not so easy for us.

All good things such as good long-term relationships, business, health take some time and consistent daily work to achieve good results.

Standard weight loss methods are hard for the majority of people.

That’s why in this article we’ll see what is NEAT, how is it different from standard methods like diet and exercise, is it easier and how you can lose weight with NEAT based on scientific research.

What is NEAT?

NEAT or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is the expenditure of energy that is secondary to movement beyond purposeful exercise and resistance training activities.

Sounds like gibberish to you too? Well, actually it’s quite simple. NEAT is the energy expended for everything that is not sleeping, eating, or sports-like exercise.

For example, NEAT activities involve walking, climbing stairs at work or any recreational community place, fidgeting, singing, laughing, cleaning, standing, etc.

How to lose weight with NEAT?

Well, it’s quite simple. For example, you can just start using stairs instead of an elevator.

One study says that by avoiding sitting, promoting motion, and engaging in simple, repetitive, and creative activities, a significant amount of extra calories may be expended that can reduce weight and perhaps prevent the cardiovascular and metabolic complications associated with obesity. [1]

Studies say that NEAT represents a substantial component (∼30–60%) of total energy expenditure (EE) and the majority of nonresting EE. [2]

So, if you want to lose weight but for some reason you don’t want to or can’t go to the gym then you can just start implementing NEAT into your daily lifestyle to help control your weight.


So, what is NEAT and how to lose weight with NEAT? NEAT or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is basically all energy expenditure except sleeping, eating or intentional exercises. Some studies show that NEAT can help with losing weight and keep it off after losing it. To implement or increase NEAT into your daily lifestyle you can simply start walking more, standing more instead of sitting or using stairs instead of an elevator.

Enjoy your life, keep going and being the best version of yourself,

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