Instruction how to get my science-based nutrition guide for health, fitness, biohacking

Here’s my mission at the moment:
1. Help as many people as possible to improve their mental and physical health.
2. Help Ukraine win the war.

The easiest legal way for me to do my mission now is to give you my science-based nutrition guide for a donate.

How to get my science-based nutrition guide:
1. Donate $10 or more by clicking here or googling official united24 platform and making a donation there.

Keep in mind that this 50% off discount is only available for a few days. After that you’ll have to pay $20 or more to get my PDF guide with bonuses.

2. Send me a screenshot of your donation via email at or via Telegram bot and I’ll send you a copy of my science-based nutrition guide with all the bonuses (meal planning tool, recipes and my support).

Science-based nutrition guide for health, fitness, biohacking


It depends. If you make a donation then there’s no money back guarantee.

However, if you pay for this PDF guide and the money get transfered to my business account then I offer a no questions ask 30 days money back guarantee because I really believe that this PDF guide can help you significantly improve your life and I want to make this decision easier for you.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may either ask me your questions via email and we’ll try to figure it out or simply request a refund and I’ll return your money as soon as possible, no questions asked.

However, because of the war I temporarily don’t accept payments to my business account.

Sorry, but making a donation is the only way to get my science-based nutrition guide at the moment.

You should get access to the PDF guide and all the bonuses usually within 1 business day after you send me a screenshot of your donation.

If for some reason you didn’t receive the access then please feel free to contact me at

You can use an online chat in the bottom right corner of this page.

Also, you can email me directly at serhii@serhiishevchenko and I’ll try to respond to you as soon as possible (usually within 1 business day).

About the author and why read this PDF guide

I have been vegan for 5+ years already and I have 7+ years of experience in sports.

But more importantly, a balanced science-based diet helped me avoid surgery and significantly improve my health!

That is why I decided to share my knowledge and experience with other people to help other people reduce the risk of developing common diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

This PDF guide contains all the basic science-based nutrition information to help you start eating healthy and improve your health.