About me

My name is Serhii Shevchenko and I am passionate about a healthy lifestyle. Also, I have been vegan for 4+ years and have 7+ years of experience in sports and exercising.

It all started with the thought that I wanted to be healthy, beautiful, energetic as long as possible and when I’d be 50-100 years old I wanted to feel the same as I was feeling when I was 20 years old so I could be able to enjoy every moment of my life doing what I love and spend as many happy moments as possible with my family, friends.

So, I started looking for ways that could help me achieve my goal and find the answers to the questions I had including:

  1. Do I need to exercise on a regular basis to be healthy and feel good? And if I do then how much time do I need to exercise.
  2. How to exercise effectively and what are the best way to exercise to stay healthy, build muscle, etc.
  3. What is the healthiest diet and what are the healthiest serving sizes of the products I need to eat on a daily basis and how does my diet affect my health.
  4. Does our mindset, thoughts and beliefs affect our health and if it does then how can I make my mindset work for me and help me achieve my goals.

I decided to start looking for the answers to these questions in appropriate books and scientific research.

After spending years on studying hundreds of books and research articles I finally found the answers I was looking for. Though I was a little surprised to find out that for example the majority of scientific research suggests that the healthiest diet for people is not the one that is generally accepted in our societies and contains meat and other animal products. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. The healthiest diet based on the scientific research is the plant-based diet (like vegan diet) that doesn’t contain any meat or animal products.

It turns out that we are taught from childhood to eat meat, despite the fact that this is not only harmful to the animals, which get killed because of it, but it’s also harmful to ourselves.

Long story short all this led me to the idea that it would be good to share my knowledge, experience, so that other people would not have to look for the answers to these questions for several years, as I did.

Therefore, I have made it my mission to share the results of scientific research on the topics like health and mindset in order to help as many people (and animals too) as possible.